What is Camp?

Camp is dozens of things.   Maybe hundreds.  Possibly thousands.  It’s all those myriad exciting, quiet moments or experiences that bubble up in your veriest soul and give you a reason to smile . . . if only for a moment.

I have a “Kodachrome Moment” seared into my brain of a young redheaded boy — after we’d trekked this sandy island during a canoe trip — standing up in the bow of his canoe and peeing over the side into the river.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

I remember standing atop a bluff overlooking the Brazos River and looking down to see the buzzards circling in the air below me.  Then I bent over and picked up a fossil crinoid from 65 million years ago.

I remember chasing a rocket across a grassy field to catch it by the parachute . . . and missing . . . and watching the egg that was the payload ooze out between the nose cone and the rocket tube.

I remember the counselors who were six feet tall and the color of oiled teak who could do anything in the world and wishing I could be like them.

It’s watching kids eyes focus like lasers and light up like your mom’s house at sunset when they get their bot to run the routine they just programmed into it for the third time.

It’s sitting quietly under a really old oak beside a slow creek reading a really good book.