The Tracked Vehicle Chassis

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The Tracked Vehicle Chassis

The Tracked Vehicle sitting in the shop.  Can you imagine this thing cutting across a pasture, under the doggone barbed wire fence . . . and you having to go over the fence or lose the machine amongst the oaks, junipers, deer, and the occasional bobcat?  It’ll go.  Video follows in a day or so.


Oh, Lord, This is a sweet little place . . .

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The main house right now.

I have followed links across the internet for month after month.

I have driven all over this end of Texas.

I have burnt out two real estate agents.  Nice people . . .

Then I looked across the river (that’s the Red River) into Oklahoma.

Lord have mercy, there’s a whole ‘nother land over there.  It’s a lot like Texas, but it’s just “differnt.”

I went through probably a hundred listings, and I found a couple of places within my parameter

(1) within three hours of Dallas.

(2) a house with a workable kitchen

(3) a shop, garage, and/or barn I can set up shop in

(4)  open space for flying and woods for running in

Well, I found this little place (25 acres) that met every one of those parameters.  It’s two and a half hours from my house.  The house has a workable kitchen (and indoor plumbing).  It has a shop and a garage.  The barn was just so far gone the owner tore it down the week before we saw it.  And it has open fields for flying, and it has woods for running in.

I’ve talked to the bank, and they’ll work with me.

I’ve talked to the owners, and they’ll work with me.

Now I’m talking to my Soul, because I’m in a really strange place.  I have been wanting to set up my ideal Camp ever since I was a kid, and I have for rational reasons at the time not been able to get this far till now.  This is scary, and it’s exhilarating at the same time.  So many ideas tumbling through my head.  So many questions that now need non-theoretical answers . . .

I am so grateful for this exquisite opportunity.  I am just going to go one step at a time.

Thank you for letting me share this.