Summer camp is coming already.  Can you feel it when you burrow under your covers?  When you’re sleeping with the windows open?  Pretending it’s just the wind through the trees or the creek at the bottom of the hill instead of the trees on the road at the end of the street?

 Just had three dads and four boys in the wood shop.  Oh, heavens, it was glorious.  New quote for the PineWoodDerbyWorkshop website . . . “Dad, can we just paint it now?” after OCD sanding on “someone’s” part.  But it made for a glorious paint job.

 Life is really about being in the shop with “the old man” making something with your hands.  And when you’re tired, just sharing the chair and leaning against him.  That’s what it’s about.  It’s not about how many things you can buy.  You can always buy stuff.  But one of these days you’ll be the one people are leaning against . . . and it is really sweet when you can lean back.

 At Summer Camp guys get to hang out with “bigger brothers” and build stuff with their hands.  They get to make stuff that works.  If it breaks, they get to fix it.  They get to understand how the parts and pieces fit together to make a whole operating system. 

 That’s the trick.  I love the word “syzygy” . . . the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  That exquisite word is not in this computer’s directory.  That’s because not all the answers are in the data banks.

 Sometimes the data are in the fingertips. 

 At WindWalkerCamp we take our fingertips and pull a little opening into the fabric of today’s world to find a bigger one to play in.  From the woods outside Joplin it’s astounding how far you can see. 

 We have an Early Bird discount.  And we have a Buddies discount.  And we have a lot of fun around the workbench and the fire and the dinner table.

 “What the hands learn the mind cannot forget.”