Summer is Coming Already to WindWalkerCamp

This image is from Scarborough Faire, and I want to build it this summer.  Come summer camp with us and learn to build a cob building (mud and straw walls with a plaster finish) just like (well, more or less just like) this one.  I worked on a cob building at Blue Rock Station ( a couple of summers ago, and I learned my fanny off.  This one is at Scarborough Faire out in Waxahachie (, and it should be fun and easy to build.  As in “I can actually do that” easy.  I think we can actually build two of them this summer, but I’m just going to say “one.”  It has a central space with east and west lesser spaces and a sleeping loft over the center.  The whole thing is half-walled.  It is going to be hooty as a tree full of owls.  I have to go back out to the Fairegrounds to make dimensioned drawings of the thing.  Or I could just make one from scratch . . .

This week the intent is to build a platform for a tipi.  We have two, but right now I’m only going to build one platform.  Next break I’ll build the next one.

The tipi is Blackfoot pattern, made by Nomadics Tipi Makers (  Their website is compelling.  The deck will be 20 feet by 20 feet of 2×6 pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine.  That will leave two feet all around for the wind-flap poles.

I’m taking the camera to document this deal, so stay tuned.

Eventually we will build “conventional” camper cabins, but right now I’d rather live in tipis.  We have the main deck for group stuff right now.

Thanks for reading.   Stay sawdusty, and covered with mud and straw, my friends.

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What the hands learn the mind cannot forget.