There are two dozen bottles per case.  And a package of “light ale yeast.”  And a bag of caps.

“Stand back and watch this.”

 Got to wash the bottles first.  That will take a little time.  Then I will follow the written instruction on the packages more closely than I ever followed Miss Stovall’s 10th-grade chemistry lab notes . . . I was never going to drink the stuff we concocted in her lab.  Ever.  But I am looking forward to drinking this.  I have three different root beer flavor extracts. We’ll be able to pick and choose at summer camp.  Five gallons a batch as a rule.  But the old-fashioned one (it’s supposed to be a darker flavor) only makes two and a half.

There’s a family story that my father brewed a batch of (non-root) beer and stashed it under my crib to age when I was a baby.  He didn’t refrigerate it, and the bottles exploded.  I figured Mom probably cleaned up the most of it, while Dad supervised and swore as only a fighter pilot knows how.

I do not intend to have to mop this batch up.  The light ale yeast goes inactive when it is refrigerated, but when the brew warms back up, it reactivates.  Like I said, I’m going to follow these instructions.  (Please don’t rat me out to the Guy Police for that.)

Not tonight.  Too late for that. Tomorrow’s my men’s group night.  Thursday then.

Thanks for reading.  Stay thirsty, my friends.

Uncle Pat

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