It’s colder in Missouri . . . on the outside.

Right now the weather is 29 degrees at WindWalkerCamp outside Joplin, Missouri.  The wind chill has it down to 22.  Outside my bedroom office window in Carrollton, Texas, it’s a balmy 58 with a wind.  We’ve closed the windows tonight.

A few years ago we were family-camping out there, and it got down to 13 degrees.  Now, friends, that was cold.  I had ice on my pillow from the condensation of my breath.  It was not a whole lot of fun when I had to make a run for the outhouse.  I mean to say the seat was a whole new experience for me.

But the morning broke clear, and the day go up to forty-something, and we had a fire going, and it was kind of nice out of the wind.

. . . And we deep-fried a turkey.  It was a wonderful day, actually.  And a wonderful weekend overall.

That’s why we’re going to enclose the covered deck to make it the Lodge.

Lots of windows on the east side to overlook the flying field and to catch the morning sunrise.

A big fireplace built out of the stone from the place spang in the middle of the west side.

An indoor dining area either at the north or south end.  Right now it doesn’t really matter.

We’ve found a sawmill to slab-cut an oak or two from the hill behind us.  I haven’t heard back yet from the fellow who logs with a team of horses to skid it out of the woods.  The logs’ll go to the mill on a truck.  But as I write this, I’ve started to think, “Why not just hire a guy to set up a portable mill out here to saw it right on the place?”  That way we’d wind up with the timbers to frame out the sawmill we’re going to put down by the ford across the Gerald at the same time we got the siding for the lodge.  We’d just sticker the slabs up and let them dry in the shed we built of the wood at the center of their logs.

This is starting to get to be a better idea than it was originally.

I’ve been looking at all manner of architectural images for the last several years, and I really like “carven doors.”  I’ve been thinking about carving up something with lots of glass and maybe a dragon or a bear or a dinosaur . . . but now I’m also thinking about carving the door from our own trees.  It’s getting kind of exciting.

Thanks for reading.  Stay toasty my friends.

What the hands learn the mind cannot forget.