​Up to date as of 10 August 2014
Hey, y’all,

Thank you for checking in.

I retired from teaching High School Architecture, Engineering, and Robotics in June, and my wife and I moved to our forty-three acres in McDonald County, Missouri.  (WE DID IT!)

For the past ten weeks we have been finishing out the tiny house we’re living in out here, figuring out water and waste and power and mowing and cooking and where everything is everywhere.  There is no cellphone receptivity nor internet “down in the hollow” where we live . . . at least not so far with the technology we have.

Trying to plan for retiring, selling the house, and starting out here was more than my non-positronic brain could handle, but now I have the time and the intellectual space of not being pulled away by school-planning to work with.  We left Carrollton with warehouse(s) full of stuff – after chucking about a house-worth. Now that we’re up here, we’re still tossing stuff.  The kids are not in the house any more, and we just don’t need all the “stuff.”

The schedule below is the result of intense cogitation.  I feel like Winston Churchill . . . “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” . . . but it’s starting to come together.

Anyway, here’s the schedule.  
If there is any way to schedule brothers in different sessions that would be fabulous.  I have a kid brother whom I love dearly.  He and I were both in Scouts, but he focused on athletics in high school, and I signed up for ROTC.  We were individuals there, and we didn’t have to compete for anyone’s attention in those different activities.  If the guys are in different sessions, they will be “Joe Willy”, not “Jim Bob’s Brother”  That’s an incredible difference.  

Anyway . . . here’s the scheduled framework.  It’s not going to change.  Everybody’s getting ready for school right now (for the first time in two decades, I’m not . . . it’s really a strange sensation), and you’re not thinking about summer yet.  I’ll flesh these dates out with activities so you’ll know what you’re signing up for.

We have bought twelve-passenger bus, and it is terminally cool.  I’ll have the photos transferred out of the camera and from the Facebook page (WindWalkerCamp Texas) and put them up here. Hang with me till I figure out how . . . Here’s the framework.

June 7-13 Hardage Family Camp (kids and grandkids and cousins)
June 14-27 Middle School Boys Session ONE
June 28-July 11 Middle School Boys Session TWO
July 12-18 Teacher Workshop Session THREE
July 19-25 Teacher Workshop Session FOUR
July 26- August 8 Middle School Boys Session FIVE
August 9-August 22 Middle School Boys Session SIX
September 13-September 19 Bald Eagle Session SEVEN

More will follow as I cull the dream enough to fit it into the time actually available on this space-timeline.

Life is good, y’all.

Uncle Pat